Internal web application, Data visualization product, Task Management

<aside> 👩🏻‍💻 My Role: Lead Product Designer Client: Bowlero Corp. (Bellum AI, acquired by Bowlero Corp.) The team I worked with: Product Manager, UX Strategist, a Jr Product Designer, Tech Lead, Dev team Date: 2022 October, 2 weeks from kick-off to hand-off


QMS main image.png


QMS as a product

My Task


My Task (and the entire product) was originally built by a third-party agency in collaboration with Bowlero Corp. Unfortunately, the product's initial execution was subpar and lacked thorough planning. Our team inherited QMS in a highly unsatisfactory condition, marked by numerous usability issues, a deficient visual and information hierarchy, as well as disrupted user workflows. The My Task page, added later in development, introduced several complications that hindered the ease of adding, managing, and reviewing tasks, resulting in confusion for users

Project/Epic Goals, Desired Outcome


As an initial action to initiate the project, I conducted an assessment session to evaluate the shortcomings in the overall usability and accessibility of the existing design.